About us

Our passion is to help you.

Founded in 2007, Green Mango Systems is a Boutique Software Development company located in Orange County, California. Our clients rely on our expertise in identifying, designing and building innovative software solutions to meet their needs. We build great products and custom software infrastructure for a variety of industries.

As a trusted partner, we work alongside you and your team to bring products to market and improve the efficiency of your company.

Industry Specific Experience

We combine over 20 years of experience in the industry and supplement our experience with training and education.

Scalability and Support

Horizontal, vertical and database scaling are part of our repertoire.

Real-time communication

We understand that your idea is just part of the project. Communication is vital in order to have a successful product developed.

Quality Assurance

Strict quality assurance throughout each stage of the process.


Our version of road mapping. Ask us how you could take advantage.

Vendor neutrality

Our recommendations are made based on customer need alone.

Optimal Business Solutions

We’ll ask the right questions and show you multiple, proven approaches so you can make the best choice for your project.

No hidden costs

Local project management gives you optimal results.

All-in-one shop

The buck stops here: We can help with and be responsible for ALL of your business technology needs, so there’s no more reason to juggle multiple vendors.

Our Team

Founder and CEO

Daniel Rice

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Green Mango

What is UX and Why is it Important?

What is UX and Why is it Important?

User Experience is the overall experience a person has when experiencing your software program, mobile app, or website. It includes how intuitive the design is, how pleasant it is to use, and whether it was successful in delivering what it set out to. In software, you look at a product and either know how to use it or you don’t. This is the User Experience of the product.

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